"Recognizing diverse needs for fair opportunities."

"YOU BELONG, and your individual voice is needed and valued."

"We each bring our own uniqueness to the table."

One goal of NMSU’s new Office for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity is to explore and re-define the university’s HSI and MSI mission in action, and to better understand the climate issues faced by not only the students of this institution, but also its educators, workforce, and the communities that are connected to and served by NMSU. This work will also inform the development of NMSU’s first strategic diversity plan. Furthermore, this goal must encompass a focus on intersectionality, or the overlapping and interconnected ways in which race, gender, class, and myriad other social identities relate to one another.

“Servingness” and best supporting NMSU students and understanding the assets they bring to the NMSU system is not limited to this office and the programs it comprises; if we are to be successful in centering servingness at NMSU, it must be the charge and responsibility of everyone in our university community. We’re listening and working to fully understand what NMSU’s climate is now, so that we can continue to grow in ways that enrich the lives of all of our students and our entire community.

Saludos and warm regards,

Teresa Maria Linda Scholz
Vice President, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity


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TERESA MARIA LINDA SCHOLZ, VICE PRESIDENT of Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity


"The American Indian Program supports students in achieving post-secondary goals, providing personal and academic assistance. We connect students to resources, offer guidance, scholarships, and access to campus services. Our commitment is to nurture success through academic advising, employer connections, and a range of support services. Join us as we foster student success at NMSU."


Picture of American Indian Program


"Black Programs unites students of African-American, Caribbean, and African descent through educational, cultural, and social programs. Our mission fosters awareness and appreciation of Black history, providing a support network for academic exploration and success. We empower students with support and connections, realizing the full potential of each individual in their academic journey."


Picture of Black Program


"Chicano Programs, inclusive of all backgrounds, supports first-generation and low-income college students at NMSU. The term 'Chicano' encompasses Hispanic, Mexican-American, Latino, Puerto Rican, U.S. Cuban, etc. We specialize in guiding students through the university environment, fostering success through education, advocacy, and cultural literacy development. Chicano Programs is dedicated to promoting and empowering student success for all."


Picture of Chicano Programs


"LGBT+ Programs at NMSU fosters the wellness and success of students, faculty, and staff in their gender and sexuality expression. We offer advocacy, resources, and education, welcoming all to our inclusive facility with a computer lab, LGBT+ themed library, and lounge. Committed to meeting diverse needs, we strive to develop inclusive policies and strategies for the entire campus community, promoting diversity and inclusion at NMSU."


Picture of LGBT+ Programs


"Students for API Student Support at NMSU aims to establish a diversity program, addressing the lack of on-campus representation for Asian and Pacific Islander communities. The group advocates for resources, education, and community building to enhance the overall experience for this underrepresented demographic. Seeking university acknowledgment and support, they work towards providing mentorship, scholarships, and fostering an inclusive online presence. The group encourages awareness, urging the university to recognize and respond to the unique needs of API students."


Picture of Asian and Pacific Islander Program

Important Dates


May 3
LGBT+ Programs Rainbow Graduation || API Program Spring 2024 Graduation
May 7
AIP & Black Programs: Finals Food for Thought Luncheon
May 9
Spring 2024 Black Programs/Black Student Graduation
Picture of Student Amanda Esparza sharing her testimonial
I'm absolutely floored by the level of support the faculty have put into this program. I can't wait to put my degree to use and change the world!
Amanda Esparza — Biophysics Graduate, Class of 2023

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