Sarhan Osman Bhuiya

An image of Sarhan Osman Bhuiya, the Graduate Assistant for EID


Sarhan is an accomplished tech professional from Bangladesh who is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Computer Science at New Mexico State University. With a stellar academic background, Sarhan excelled in his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, laying the groundwork for a remarkable career journey. Prior to his academic pursuits, Sarhan showcased his technical expertise as a System Engineer at a leading telecommunications company in Bangladesh. There, he specialized in fault diagnosis, core network management, and collaborated seamlessly with international carriers, contributing significantly to website development across various sectors of the company.

Now, transitioning back to academia (Masters in Computer Science), Sarhan is not only recognized for his coding proficiency and academic excellence but also for his pivotal role as a hardworking Graduate Assistant at NMSU's Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID). Leveraging his strong foundational knowledge, Sarhan has played a key role in designing sleek websites, including those for EID and its diverse programs. Known for his focus, organization, and dedication, Sarhan ensures smooth project operations, whether it involves intricate coding tasks or coordinating EID initiatives.

Fun Fact: Beyond the digital realm, Sarhan enjoys traveling, and indulging in various types of cultured cuisine. He harbors a unique fascination for solving Rubik's cube, turning each puzzle into a triumph of colors and patterns. Sarhan also has a passion for cars, loves to drive, and is always eager to explore the world on four wheels.

Sarhan Osman Bhuiya

Graduate Assistant, Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity