"Ensuring Inclusivity: NMSU's EID Drives Fair and Diverse Hiring"

The EID Affirmative Action Review Process at NMSU ensures a fair and inclusive recruitment and hiring process for faculty and staff. The process involves several key steps, including creating job postings within the Talent Acquisition System (TAS), assessing position group underutilization, developing targeted advertising strategies, and adhering to inclusive interview practices. The Hiring Proposal stage includes a detailed justification memorandum, required documentation, and record retention guidelines. This comprehensive approach aims to meet affirmative action goals, promote diversity, and maintain transparency throughout the recruitment and hiring process. For further inquiries or assistance, contact the EID Office at affirmativeaction@nmsu.edu.

The Affirmative Action Review Process for Faculty and Staff is a crucial component of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within an academic institution. This process involves a comprehensive assessment of policies and practices to ensure fair representation and opportunities for all individuals, irrespective of their background. Through ongoing reviews, institutions aim to identify areas for improvement, implement proactive measures, and create an inclusive environment that reflects the diverse perspectives and experiences of both faculty and staff. This commitment to affirmative action underscores the institution's dedication to equal opportunities, social justice, and a vibrant, diverse community.

  1. Create a Job Posting within Talent Acquisition System (TAS).
  2. Locate Position Group in Job Posting.
  3. Check to see if Position Group is underutilized by females, minorities or both.
  4. If position is underutilized, develop advertising strategy to attract qualified candidates.
  5. Review HRS Toolkit for posting and advertisement requirements and other tools/guides. HRS Toolkits
  6. Advertisements: NMSU website. Additionally, include two (2) external advertising resources minimum and upload external ad. It is highly encouraged to advertise positions within various sites. This will increase the applicant pool's diversity and assist NMSU to meet the affirmative action plan's goals. See Recruitment Resources. Recruitment Resources
  7. Include NMSU’s EEO/AA statement on external advertisement. HRS Toolkits
  8. Maintain copy of external advertisements placed.
  1. Review interview questions for any inappropriate questions and/or language.  Questions are to be directly related to the position advertised. 
  2. Maintain copy of interview questions.
  3. Maintain copy of interview responses. 
Justification Memorandum Template : This memorandum should serve as a narrative of the search process and how the selected individual was the most qualified for the position.  To include the following: 
  1. Introduction/Background
  2. Advertisement Sources
  3. Applicant Review and Overview of the Selection Process
  4. Applicants Selected for Interview but not Selected for Position (Strengths/Weaknesses)
  5. Applicant Selected for the Position (Strengths/Weaknesses, Qualifications, Education, Work Experience, Training, Interview Performance Comparison to others interviewed, and any additional or relevant information)
  1. Copy of Matrix
  2. Proof of External Advertisement
  3. Copy of Interview Questions w/Responses
  4. Justification Memorandum
  5. Any additional or relevant documentation related to the Recruitment/Hiring Process
  1. All documents are to be uploaded in the system, attached to the Posting and/or Hiring Proposal.
  2. All application documents generated externally from the Talent Acquisition System (TAS) process may be scanned and attached as supplemental documents to the Hiring Proposal. Departments should be aware that these documents may be released to the public under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act (NMIPRA). NMSU ARP 14.10 - Records Integrity and Retention,  https://arp.nmsu.edu/14-10/. Records Management and Retention (RMR),  https://inside.nmsu.edu/rmr/  ( Recruitment).

  3. The following documents are available for review and download:

    Affirmative Action Process Checklist

    Justification Memorandum Template

    Recruitment Resources

    Faculty & Staff Underutilization Report

    If you have any questions about the Affirmative Action Review Process, please contact the EID Office by emailing:   affirmativeaction@nmsu.edu.